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Faction Warfare – Part II

This is the second part of My Story; Faction Warfare. For part 1 please follow this link:
Faction Warfare – Part I

We sat motionless about the enemy bunker which was now the property of the Amarr militia. Lasers primed, missiles armed, tanks active, we were certain a reprisal was imminent. It wasn’t long until our patience was rewarded.

X0> “Hostile Fleet in local sir…”

NOXx> “I see, get me ship types please?”

X0> “Scanning…we have a fleet of Battle cruisers and a single Heavy Assault Cruiser…around 10 of them…they are at the gate…warping off now, arrival imminent.”

NOXx> “Okay gang, are you ready?”

B13> “Always.”

NOXx> “X0, follow them in after a few minutes, I want you to scan the ships for faction equipment. Okay, here we go. Stay tight and activate your remotes when called out.”

Seconds later the hostile fleet warped into our kill zone and we locked them. There were a few Gallente Battle cruisers, a Minmatar Heavy Assault Cruiser and several Minmatar Battle cruisers. I gave to order to primary the Heavy Assault Cruiser as it potentially had more DPS than the Battle cruisers.

The enemy fleet immediately locked us down and released an almighty salvo of projectile fire and a swarm of drones at my ship. My shields failed spectacularly and it wasn’t long before my armour tank was working overtime to repel the damage.

I sent out a signal indicating that my ship was in need of armour reinforcement. Within seconds our well trained fleet had locked my ship and was remote repairing my armour within a spider tank formation. After a few minutes it became clear however that our combined firepower was not enough to break the tank of the primary as he too was being repaired by his fleet.

EvS> “He’s not dropping, should we switch primary?”

NOXx> “Negative…, deploy your ECM drones, we’ll jam the fleet so they can’t repair him.”

EvS> “Roger that…”

Our ECM drones undocked and hurtled towards each one of the ships instantly jamming them and effectively removing the ships from the battlefield. The primary was no longer receiving repairs and his armour began to drop quickly.

As the structure of the battle cruiser burst there was a massive explosion of gas and fire as the hull decompressed violently ejecting the innards into the cold vacuum. Hundreds of corpses collided with various ships on the battlefield and made a soft thud against the hulls. The pilot was much more fortunate as his POD ejected from the explosion intact and he warped off.

With utmost efficiency the fleet switched targets and began to devour the shields of the Gallente Battle cruiser. B13 made a comment as he noticed the drones from the two Battle cruisers retreating back into their respective done bays.

Moments later there were tens of simultaneous explosions which danced around the two Gallente Drone Battle cruisers. Huge rings of energy span out from the ships expanding into space.

B13> “What the hell? Damn, they have smart bombs on-board. The ECM drones just bought it.”

NOXx> “Then we’ll have to find another way of taking out the remote reps. CT?”

CT> “I know what your thinking, firing up micro-warp drive.”

The sleek Amarr Battle cruisers’ engines swelled with energy and within moments the ship was propelled away from the battle. At around 30km the ship stopped, swung about and aimed for the primary. The Battle cruiser accelerated hard and slammed into the primary. The impact forced the ship sideways as it spun out from the battlefield outside the range of the enemy fleets spider tank. The beams stopped repairing his ship and he was left out in the cold.

At the same time our fleet switched primary weapons to long range crystals and fired a salvo of missiles at the stricken vessel which was left confused and spinning out of kilter. Impact after impact caused the ship to jolt and jump as the armour was reduced to molten metal shimmering on the surface, beads of liquid armour trickled out into space freezing instantly creating long spines. The ship finally imploded under the weight of its own structure.

As the battle continued a sole enemy ship separated itself from the field. It appeared to be heading for X0 who had uncloaked while he scanned the ships for us.

X0> “Shit, I’m being targeted. My cloak won’t engage!”

B13> “Get outta there X0!”

X0> “Too late…sorry…”

The tiny ship exploded almost as soon as it took fire from the rogue Battle cruiser. X0’s POD was jettisoned from the wreck and he warped off towards a safe area of space.

I was angered by the enemies’ shameless attempt to salvage something from the battle. I ordered our pilots to overload their weapons. The primary ship was obliterated as the fleet’s guns blazed hell into his superstructure. The explosion marked a turning point for the battle and two of the remaining ships ships turned tail and warped off.

Our fleets Warp Disruptors kicked into life and collapsed the warp fields of the remaining ships preventing their retreat. Only three Battle cruisers remained now against our fleet of four. Needless to say the battle did not last long.

The remaining enemy ships exploded in a fireworks display of blue and green, one after another as their tanks failed. Debris was strewn across the battlefield so much so it was becoming hard to navigate.

We celebrated our victory as we scooped up all the salvage we could hold, not forgetting X0’s wrecked Covert Ops vessel. The spoils were quite good, some faction equipment as well as lots of Tech II salvage. While we were picking through the battlefield a familiar voice crackled over the comms…

Hn> “Hey there boys? Did I miss anything?”

B13> “Ha, not much HN.”

NOXx> “Hiya HN. We need you to pilot this Raven outta here. Some poor soul left it here for us after we persuaded him with harsh laser fire.”

Hn> “Nice one. I’m on it.”

Hn approached the motionless Raven, left her rookie ship and docked with the Battleship. X0 too had recently turned up on the scene knowing the battle was over. He occupied the rookie ship and joined us in formation. With the bunker and Raven secured the fleet turned toward the star gate and warped…

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Faction Warfare – Part I

X0> “Bunker located – we have a Raven on scan, probably securing the bunker.”

Our crew had been travelling systems in low security systems along the Minmatar Amarr border. Our mission? To secure and control all the bunkers along the battle front. Our Covert Ops pilot, X0 had located a positive signal with his scan probes and to our surprise the Raven pilot had decided not to abandon his mission and seek a safe harbour despite our presence in local.

X0> “Okay, he’s definitely within the complex. Long range scans are picking up drones, wrecks and some militia.”

Our militia fleet of Amarr Battle cruisers slowly swung round to align with the bunker. After a few moments our gang was propelled into warp.

X0> “Target still on scan…”

NOXx> “Warp field collapse in 5 seconds…”

The small fleet sliced its way across millions of kilometres of empty space before finally coming to rest in a small gas cloud littered with wrecks and debris. The area of space we found ourselves in was densely populated with militia wrecks, twisted metal smoked and smouldered in the cold vacuum of space. The gas giant nearby had shed some of it’s gas in a cataclysmic collision with one of it’s moons causing a huge spiral of red gas to billow from it’s surface. The gas here was thick and inert and hardly any light from the systems star was able to penetrate. It was an ideal hiding place, used as a holding area for the Minmatar militia. B13 had noticed something hidden within the gloom. He zoomed his camera drones to decipher the image in his mind. Its form was unmistakeable, it was the Raven.

The propulsion systems of each pirate ship fired up and swelled with plasma as the fleet moved forward at best speed towards the enemy ship.

Moments later the ship turned and started to target our group. We responded in kind and soon a swarm of attack drones swamped his ship. Our fleets first salvo hit his re-enforced shields. XA, meanwhile scanned his ship for on-board cargo and modules.

A wave of Faction missiles struck into my ship almost completely obliterating the shield. Huge eccentric rings of plasma and static flowed into space around my ship as the shields gave way. Another salvo struck seconds later, this pilot knew how to use missiles proficiently. This time the Amarr Navy Armour held its ground and gave nothing away to the missiles fury. My heavy lasers continued to attack the Ravens shields firing a burst every second.

The massive Battleship lurched forwards as our combined firepower overwhelmed the stabilisers and jolted the ship. The shields crackled and faded slowly and we could see clearly that his faction tank was no match for the onslaught.

Without any shields and without a proper armour tank the mighty ship began to fail. We could see huge chunks of red hot armour peeling off his ship into space as our attack continued relentlessly. Eventually his armour broke and a massive explosion tore at the aft of the ship. The superstructure was clearly visible and flames and gas spewed forth from the wound. Our weapons stopped firing and gave way to silence. I could hear my laser turrets loudly snapping and cracking as they cooled momentarily while I initiated contact with our prey who had also ceased firing, knowing that it was a waste of ammunition.

I opened a comms with the Raven pilot to bargain for his ship and his life but there was no response, instead the pilot ejected from his ship and warped almost instantly into the distance towards a star gate. His ship was left motionless, smoking from the intense heat it had absorbed but still intact.

Our fleet moved themselves between the bunker and the Raven ensuring optimal ranges terminated on the warp beacon. There we sat holding the bunker, guns ready and expecting reprisal…

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Best Laid Plans

Our tour of duty has been terminated. My corporation has been withdrawn from the Amarr Militia and all equipment and supplies have been hauled via contract back into Sarum Prime. In addition to this all members have been asked to re-join The I-A as their PVP division needs bolstering with experienced pilots.

Reflecting on our time within the militia it was a great experience and one which I am sure to repeat in the future. The militia has been left in much the same state as it was left. We saw our territory gradually increase into the enemies but progress became slow as the enemies concentration thickened. My squad was charged with getting behind the enemies lines and disrupting their supply lines, a job which initially was quite dull but a few large scale encounters kept our appetites whetted. Our next tour is sure to be one of mass destruction as my skills are now hitting a level where Dreadnoughts are immediately plausible if a little expensive but it does mean that all tertiary skills are maxed.

I too will eventually be re-joining The I-A but for the moment I am happy to remain one of three surviving members of my former militia squad. Myself, B13 and a younger recruit XA. Besides we have a new mission, to set-up a wormhole POS. Since I came upon the idea I have spoken to my closest allies and a plan of action has been put into place. The retraction from the militia is the first step, downsizing the corporation another and the sale of all bounties and hardware within the core systems will help fund the purchasing of the necessary components such as POS fuel, haulers,and equipment necessary for this deployment.

The task at hand is greater than anticipated and will require that we three work around the clock for the next few weeks. It has been decided that the POS is to have no weapons but instead to bolster the shield as much as possible. We are looking to deploy a small POS for the moment to minimise the amount of fuel required to maintain the tower until such time we can decide whether the running costs outweigh the benefits. It is a brave new frontier for us and a great challenge. The logistics involved in dragging the massive tonnage through a wormhole without it collapsing is a real effort but one which we are glad to undertake.

At the present time we are still collating our efforts to collect the relevant constituent parts for the plan of action. I estimate a few more days should see the plan realised to the point where we can scan for a suitable wormhole and perform a pre-deployment recon of the w-space within. So here's to best laid plans...

We're in the Army now, Whoah!

...and so it happened. Fearing reprisals against my mother corporation for piracy I finally succumbed to the administration nightmare of becoming my own boss. I am now officially the CEO of a fledgling pirate corporation, The Imperial Furies.

The new corporations mandate was to transfer the best pilots from The I-A, a research and development corporation and baptise them in the fires of piracy and gang warfare if they so desired. We intended to kill with impunity using covert operations to maximise our effectiveness but as most best intentions go, after a couple of weeks it became clear that the logistics involved in running a corporation with everyone online at the same to run guerrilla gangs behind enemy lines became a real problem. In addition the corporation as a whole became a little demoralised after a few expensive setbacks. This was to be expected but not desired.

So after much discussion with the members a decision was made to enroll our new corporation into a Militia and take advantage of their war to maximise ours. Now before this decision was taken we knew very little about Factional Warfare. We had seen the control bunkers littered around low security Empire but had never given them much credence. Upon researching the concept we found that it was almost perfect for our needs and so we joined unanimously.

The corporations moral was lifted again with this new purpose and a new base was established on the front line between the Amarr and the Minmatar factions. Since then our kill rate as a whole has seen a significant increase, with the added bonus of being immune to war declarations despite frequently pirating in the area. There are more opportunities to kill than ever before in this Militia and there are always missions to do, fleets to join or gate camps to smash. This has made our pilots content with their move and should ensure a steady rate of pilots available online.

I had never before considered that Factional Warfare could be so rewarding and, as you may have noticed from the dates of my last post that I have been very busy enjoying a target rich environment. The Amarr Militia is home to some 80 corporations in constant conflict with the Minmatar Militia and, unlike alliance fleets, our ships are mainly Amarr, and the enemies Minmatar. This makes for some great photos and my camera drones have been working overtime to capture the drama of a Minmatar fleet in combat with an Amarr fleet.

Amarrian Empire space is no longer as 'safe' as it used to be now we are at war. The enemy is consistently infiltrating deeper into Empire despite retaliation from the local Amarr Militia. They are occasionally bold enough to camp the pipe leading into Empire which means that clone jumps are preferable. The deeper into Amarr space one travels the less their presence is felt, but I have been shot at on a couple of occasions within missions. My Sarum Agent is already missing me as my complex Nightmare has been retired indefinitely. This is a real shame as I used to enjoy a spot of mission gank or cosmoss spank but I may still shove in a sneaky mission here and there.

I already have a couple of tall tales of interest which I will post in due course. In the mean time, if you are finding the constant scanning for targets tiresome and the camping of gates boring (I know I do - how can killing haulers all day be fun?) then give factional warfare a look. The pilots found within the militia are willing to throw themselves into the fray and are always up to something interesting or dangerous, or both. You won't be disappointed.