A loyal servant and elite slave of Mr NOXx, she was found within a badly damaged Amarr Sigil shortly after Mr NOXx and his mentor; EiD escaped the mighty Amarr Navy.

The Sigil had succumbed to an attack from Minmatar rebels and the ship was disabled and routed for its precious metals and armour. Miss NEXUS hid from the invaders as she firmly believed the mantra for which the Amarr Empire operated. She had been the slave of a wealthy trader on Tash-Murkon Prime and had received exceptional treatment and liberties.

Miss NEXUS is a well accomplished pilot, her implants granted to her to achieve immortality as Mr NOXx couldn’t face her untimely demise. Her friendship with Mr NOXx has blossomed over time and they support and care for one another very deeply. Outwardly Mr NOXx will scold Miss NEXUS at every opportunity, but this hides his true feelings for which they share together in privacy.

One girl, in a trillion souls; she is Mr NOXx’s conscience and his restraint.