Wormhole Wandering Essentials

Wormholes are wonderous but what lies within can quickly strip you of your ship and your life if not prepared. For this reason I ensure I have checked off the following for my excursions into the final, final frontier.

1. Scan Probes and a Scan Probe Launcher. Top of the list as this is an absolutely essential module. Any pilot entering W-space without a scan probe launcher is a fool. I take at least 15 scan probes in the cargo hold, plus 10 in the launcher. As I use 5 per scan this gives me 5 chances. So far this has seemed to be adequate. Pay attention to their flight time as I have carelessly lost a group due to the expiration timer.

2. Cloak. Dependant on your intentions for entering w-space, a cloak can become your best friend. Use when-ever you feel fear or your mind is occupied elsewhere ie: scanning.

3. A formidable omni-tank. Absolutely necessary if battle is sought as the sleepers will attack your lowest resistances. Within class 4 wormholes literally no-one is safe as a few seconds as primary can turn almost any ship to dust. Ensure your tank is as high as possible with capacitor to spare as sleepers can and will NOS your ship with several streams.

4. Drones. These little pups can act as a decoy for the sleepers. Although sleepers display intelligence they can still be fooled into attacking several drones instead of ones precious hull. If your tank is failing against the sleepers’ onslaught then stop firing and deploy drones. The sleepers will then consider them the threat until such time your tank can be repaired. If you’re to use this tactic take the least expensive, fastest and smallest drones you can and use them as fodder for the fight. Note position 2:01 in this captured recon video where the sleepers switch to the drones perceiving them as the threat instead of the (brave) Myrmidon. Unfortunately the pilot did not take this opportunity to escape while the webs and scrams were released from his battered ship.

5. Ammunition. The use of Amarr vessels permits endless exploring as lasers do not require ammunition to fire, only c apacitor. If you are planning on using missiles, hybrids, rails or projectile turrets then a healthy supply will be needed as re-supply is time consuming and dangerous.

6. The Wormhole Database. This little gem will tell you what type of wormhole you are entering, where it leads and what type of star the wormhole contains. Depending on the type of star will change the affects on your ships abilities. Pay extra attention to this as the effects can severely undermine your ships capability.

7. Nanite Repair paste. If you can overload your modules then take a healthy supply of Nanite Repair Paste as you may find you overload more often then usual.

8. ALT. Another character fitted with a cloak and a scan probe launcher is wise as the fate of your main vessel is not guaranteed. Use the ALT to locate an exit should the worst happen and you are left ship-less without a paddle.

9. Cargo Space. This will be at a premium if you plan to harvest the sleeper wrecks. If at all possible increase your base cargo space by adding a cargo expander or two. This method has several drawbacks. The first is the reduction of available modules on the ship. Also, the actual space increase may not be sufficient to warrant the use of a low module slot. This is entirely dependant on your intentions.

If you are looting then cargo space is essential. Try to choose a ship that has a large base cargo area, this’ll make a larger increment by adding a cargo expander. Marauders have massive base cargo spaces and formidable tanks so they make excellent wormhole harvesters, but they are very expensive.

If you are simply salvaging then cargo space should not be such an issue as salvage is not m3 hungry but a salvager and perhaps tractor beam will be needed in addition to your kit.

10. Combat Clone. Never take your best clone. Again as with lawless areas of New Eden, pirates such as myself and other predators will be prowling the void looking for a juicy meal so be prepared for the worst.