Local Villain

System: Classified
Security: 0.4

Whilst sitting within my cloaked Recon watching the endless rolling of several asteroids accross the sky and trying to hunt Cosmic Anomolies without much luck, the local beacon sprung into life after a period of silence that seemed to last for a lifetime. It jarred my senses and forced me from my lazy thoughtlessness causing my ships systems to hum and whistle into life again. It was receiving a garbled and pannicked voice urgently requesting assistance.

Unknown Pilot> Help! Can anyone help me? I am being attacked by rogue drones! My location is the asteroid field nearest the fifth moon of the second planet.

The local beacon was not reporting any Corporation groups within the system but one still needs to be careful, intelligence is one of the greatest assets you can gain within New Eden, and I was collating.

Narrowing my scan to the coordinates specified by the message I found a large ORE mining ship called a Hulk in a local asteroid belt, and another ship, a Vexor one belt above his position. The Vexor appeared to be responding to this fellows request for assistance, but intentions in low security space are never clear.

Salivating over a quick kill I ushered my Force Recon into warp and navigated to a safe position within the belt to observe. Upon my arrival, the Hulk was indeed under attack from three Sansha frigate spawns and a cruiser. My trusty Recon coasted to a stop 20 kilometres below the plane of the asteroid field, safely away from the decloakiing boulders. There I sat in silence, watching, waiting.

Moments later the Vexor warped onto the grid and immediately set a trajectory to intercept the grand mining ship. With the Vexors' targeting of the Hulk, his intentions bacame clear. A cloud of attack drones burst from the Vexor and proceeded to eat into the shields of the mining vessel. Upon aggression, the Hulk released its own army of attack drones and retaliated.

With both pilots engaged and distracted, I crept into range, uncloaked my Force Recon cruiser and locked down the Vexor, launching my own fleet of deadly specialised attack drones. Applying my Warp Disruptor on the Vexor combined with twin Stasis Webification(WEB), he was quickly subdued and taken into his ships armour layer. With the Vexors' armour repairer online I applied an Energy Disruptor to ruin his capacitor. Within seconds his armour had failed under the barrage of both my Recons drones and the Hulks as they punched huge holes into his helpless cruiser and caused plombs of fire and debris to spew from within.

A little late he realised what was going on and redirected his drones towards my ship, but a few moments later the Vexor exploded with a flash of blue gas and engine plasma. Pieces of his ship struck my shields and span out into the asteroid field.

Quickly finding his emergency POD entwined within the wreck of his ship I scrambled his warp field and opened up a communications channel.

Mr NOXx> Greetingz...

Vexor Pilot> Yes?

Mr NOXx> You are under my control. To bargain for your life I demand 20 million isk, you have 30 seconds to comply...

Vexor Pilot> 20 million? I dont' have that much isk, and that was my only ship.

Mr NOXx> Then you will feel very bad in 20 seconds...

Vexor Pilot> Okay, hold on. I may have something.

Mr NOXx> 10 seconds remaining...

Vexor Pilot> Please, give me a moment, I beg of you?

Begging is one of those things men do that I cannot condone. This Gallente was going to die in the name of Amarr along with his pathetic crew before him.

Mr NOXx> You have had 30...time is up. Farewell.

I ordered a single attack drone upon his defenceless POD.

Vexor Pilot> Wait! Please! Stop!

The hostile drone chewed through the delicate skin of his POD slowly as he continued to beg for his life. Then, I heard again that familiar sound of a mortal body exploding into the frozen void as his POD finally decompressed and his frozen corpse joined his charred crew members entwined amongst his wrecked hull.

Time to get going then I thought, scooping up the pilots' biomass to keep as a trophy. Perhaps one more kill before I head back, lets see if I can find that Hulk. My Force Recon ship followed my minds desire precisely as she slowly dissolved back into the darkness surrounding her golden hull and vanished.