Best Laid Plans

Our tour of duty has been terminated. My corporation has been withdrawn from the Amarr Militia and all equipment and supplies have been hauled via contract back into Sarum Prime. In addition to this all members have been asked to re-join The I-A as their PVP division needs bolstering with experienced pilots.

Reflecting on our time within the militia it was a great experience and one which I am sure to repeat in the future. The militia has been left in much the same state as it was left. We saw our territory gradually increase into the enemies but progress became slow as the enemies concentration thickened. My squad was charged with getting behind the enemies lines and disrupting their supply lines, a job which initially was quite dull but a few large scale encounters kept our appetites whetted. Our next tour is sure to be one of mass destruction as my skills are now hitting a level where Dreadnoughts are immediately plausible if a little expensive but it does mean that all tertiary skills are maxed.

I too will eventually be re-joining The I-A but for the moment I am happy to remain one of three surviving members of my former militia squad. Myself, B13 and a younger recruit XA. Besides we have a new mission, to set-up a wormhole POS. Since I came upon the idea I have spoken to my closest allies and a plan of action has been put into place. The retraction from the militia is the first step, downsizing the corporation another and the sale of all bounties and hardware within the core systems will help fund the purchasing of the necessary components such as POS fuel, haulers,and equipment necessary for this deployment.

The task at hand is greater than anticipated and will require that we three work around the clock for the next few weeks. It has been decided that the POS is to have no weapons but instead to bolster the shield as much as possible. We are looking to deploy a small POS for the moment to minimise the amount of fuel required to maintain the tower until such time we can decide whether the running costs outweigh the benefits. It is a brave new frontier for us and a great challenge. The logistics involved in dragging the massive tonnage through a wormhole without it collapsing is a real effort but one which we are glad to undertake.

At the present time we are still collating our efforts to collect the relevant constituent parts for the plan of action. I estimate a few more days should see the plan realised to the point where we can scan for a suitable wormhole and perform a pre-deployment recon of the w-space within. So here's to best laid plans...