Homeworld 2

This game is one of the all time classics. Epic battles, resource management, ship upgrades. Missiles, lasers, debris, asteroids, huge explosions and an excellent soundtrack. It even has online play with a strong and dedicated community. Chances are you have already heard of Homeworld 2 but if you haven't played it before and you like EVE Online then it isn't a million miles away from what you're accustomed to.

You can grab a copy from the high street if you look well enough for it or simply order it from E-bay. Prices vary from a few pounds to no more than a tenner including postage.

Because of it's similarity to EVE Online a MOD is currently being worked on, though the developer is a bedroom coder and progress is painfully slow. It does look promising though. Aparently the main developer is concentrating on graduating this summer so hopefully things will move on again soon. The community is literally dying to play this. I also believe there is also a Star Wars MOD out there somewhere too, as well as Gundam(where all your little ships are Gundam suits).

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