The Old Hermit

Ambulation and the meandering it enables may breed a new type of EvE player. With all the entertainment consoles, bars, shops and all else it’s quite possible that there will be players who become so attached to their limbs (beyond the physical) that they’ll rarely venture further than the ship hanger and gaze at the business outside. A new phobia may be needed to shoehorn such occupants to rationalise their choice to remain inside the embrace of the station walls.

The slang will come, and I’m sure it will evolve quickly based on a single comment, delivered with sincerity and dispersed around the entire community. Perhaps there will be different descriptive words dependant on the type of station inhabited. Clank, Tin Can Man or a Dweller come to mind, or maybe just a plain old Hermit.

There is a name for everything, Pirates and Care-bears, Industrialists and Ratters, whatever the slang it will become second nature and we’ll all know who they are, what they do and to some degree, why they do it. This isn’t to say that ones play style is rigid, once upon a time even I was a Ratter and a Mission Runner but the smell of blood was too much to ignore and so I sought out combat deep in null sec.

There are many weird and wonderful characters out there in the cosmos, I should know I am one, we all are. In fact we represent a population that is incredibly diverse. If we look deeper into the community we can find players that have their own niche and stick to it. With the addition of Dust 514 this community will become even more varied and widespread. EvE players that don’t own a single space craft? What a strange notion.

Whatever your pleasure, EvE Online is here to indulge your senses and we can all find contentment in our chosen profession. Having tinkered with most aspects of life in New Eden, Piracy is the most fun for me but some of you are so weird you consider mining enjoyable. What a strange bunch we are.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I've thought about this as well... and though I'm sure it'll get a bad rap (I vote "dwellers").. i don't think it's a bad thing. That's how space life is. There are just some people that never leave the confines of a station, because that's their role. Trader, manufacturer, even major alliance leadership... they've got the office jobs.. leave it to the haulers, scavengers, mercs, fleets, and pirates to handle the space faring.

Unknown said...

Oh man, there might come an Interstellar Stock Market node to popular stations :P I might never leave.

Selina said...

Frankly, I look forward to the idea of it bringing a whole other form of player to the game. There may be a lot of people who join just for the fun to be had in the stations and not so much interested in the spaceship content. However, honestly growing tired of this waiting game. They announced ambulence what? Over 2 years ago? I know it's not a simple thing to create but good grief! stop playing with us folk who lack in patience! :)

Redundant blogger said...

CCP likes to take its long as it's worth the wait. Perhaps they shouldn't have mentioned it so early but I guess they wanted feedback on their ideas and progress so far.

It may change the game in more profound ways that we simply cannot yet fathom. Whatever the changes may be there will surely be a whole new type of player as you mentioned.

I'm sure it's not long to go now. Just a few more years...