Tackling Adversity

Survival in New Eden is a tale of frustration and cloning. Every-time I un-cloak I suspect the dangers surrounding me, eager to steal everything from me including my precious life. As a clone I am immortal, but the loss of life still bears the pain of death.

If we want to grow as a community we have a responsibility to take care of our fellows. Many disciplines have a code of conduct and piracy is no exception. Attacking fresh pilots from the academy rarely breaks a sweat and therefore harbours little rewards. I abstain from such behaviour; identifying such a young pilot in low sec prompts assistance in the form of advice and in some cases ISK. This happens with alarming regularity and indicates a need for clarification.

A right of passage into low sec is one of experience. Be certain about your fate if you venture into these lawless lands without the necessary preparations as you will surely lose everything. If you’re finding it hard to maintain any sort of healthy existence in Empire you must understand that the riches found in low sec or null sec are only obtainable with the correct tools to survive.

Intel is the most important factor which is vital to survival in low or null sec. A lack of intel will surely turn your final destination into a clone vat bay. For this reason, operations in low sec are best planned and should have a specific role. Research the area you plan to ‘visit’ and check the last known kills in the system as this can usually indicate whether the system harbours a blockade or pirates.

The local beacon contains the most readily available intel. It identifies pilots within the system and also shows their security status or their state. A low security rating should heed a warning, although a high security rating is by no means a guarantee that the pilot is honourable. Dependant on your intent, try to find a system that is devoid of pilots and either dock at the local station or cloak your ship until the local beacon is cleared. This valuable intel should always be open and available on your HUD.

Warp Core Stabiliser
These ridiculous modules prevent the warp-field from becoming disrupted or scrambled. A side effect reduces your ships ability to target effectively. This can also result in the inability to target smaller craft. I would only recommend using WCS (Warp Core Stabilisers) if you intend not to engage in combat.

Cloaking Device
This little item is one of my favourites. Generally most of my ships are designed for covert operations but occasionally I will risk the drop in combat effectiveness for the added security a cloak can offer. Similar to the WCS they reduce the ability of the ship to target as well as reduce the speed of the craft significantly. Use wisely and ensure that you are not within 2500km from any floating body including gases as they will disrupt the visual distortion field and disable the cloak.

If you’re not yet enrolled within a corporation beyond the academy it is advised to make this a priority. Ensure that you research the corporation you intend to apply to as there are organisations that will take advantage of inexperience, tricking them into submitting ISK. An application to a corporation costs nothing and kosher corporations do not require you to submit any ISK except through taxes.

As a new pilot you may find it difficult to apply successfully to some of the bigger corporations but there are groups out there who specialise in training young pilots. A good place to start is the Recruitment Forums or the Recruitment Channel(in-game).

Enrolling within a corporation is by no means mandatory but it does present you with more options. New Eden is best enjoyed in tandem with other pilots and corporation enrollment provides additional man-power and security for your excursions.

This is a skill that cannot be taught but which becomes increasingly natural the more time spent in your POD. Combining experience and intel, awareness is the ability to judge situations quickly and proceed with the appropriate tactical actions.

If combat is what you seek you would be well advised to stay out of low sec and enter Singularity. Here all fittings, ammunition, ships, skills and all else has a default price of 100 ISK. Here you can refine your fittings and test them to destruction almost for free. Podding is outlawed on Singularity making for a safer and less frustrating environment for all. There are disadvantages to Singularity but combat is so easily available here that the basics can be self taught through trial and error very quickly.

Fit To Lose
If you’re at the stage where you are ready to enter low sec make sure that whatever you fit on your ship you are prepared to lose. I generally fit items I have appropriated from my prey which helps keep costs to an absolute minimum or I build my own modules from parts and salvage. Don’t fit best named modules and never fit faction equipment, unless you are stinking rich. Stick to Tech 1 items and use the specific abilities of the ship, paying special attention to it’s bonuses.

There is simply no substitute to experience. Regularly engage in a cheap hull and don’t become disheartened by losses. Train to specialise in your chosen profession and become proficient at the frigate sized vessels before moving up a class. New Eden is a violent and un-forgiving landscape and one which refuses to be tamed. Only experienced pilots dare venture deep into null sec for a reason, it’s very dangerous. Don’t be a fool until you’re ready.

This guide is by no means definitive and is only meant as a rough guide. Use your head and your eyes effectively, and the rest will come naturally. Fly safe...

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Latro said...

All great tips. Having access to the Rookie Help channel for the first time in a long time (courtesy of PoT move), I can hear the frustration in newbies that are just chomping to leap out into low-sec without any prep at all.

Pirate Captain said...

Good advice!

Anonymous said...

Real pirates live in low sec and don't have to plan to go there. :P ;)

Adrian said...

Old post, but still, a noble idea from a dreaded pirate. As I was a rookie once, and took a stroll to 0.4, I was met with a warning from one in local, that I'd better get that Navitas back to high sec in a hurry.

Not that I'd like it, but harassing noobs going to low sec wouldn't hurt, just to give the feel of danger, even more. One shot would most likely eat the shield, armor and hull right off, but some scrambling and orbiting, while telling that I'm doomed would make me think twice before entering <0.5 again...