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Always upon the pulse of our beloved galaxy, the EvE Tribune is a plethora of useful guides, informed opinions and the occasional story. If you want to know what’s hot in New Eden there are few places better than the EvE Tribune.

I’ve been reading with earnest for the last few years and I look forward to each weekly edition with great enthusiasm. They occasionally have ship fittings which prove to be very capable, as well as Kirith’s Fighting Spacecraft; a detailed report on a chosen spacecraft detailing it’s development history and the reasons behind it’s commission. Most recently it was the turn of the Amarr Battle-cruiser; Prophecy and it’s command versions, which just also happens to be some of my favourite ships within the Amarr Navy.

A few weeks ago a link to comment was finally included on the posted articles, a welcomed addition which confirmed that the readers of the Tribune are all fine pilots who crave intelligent and topical conversation. This week there’s a hilarious write-up on the mercenary corporation; Angelic Souls of Fury Reborn, in which Miyamoto Isoruku hired them to do the business on his enemies. What transpired was almost completely pathetic according to Miyamoto. Of course this is here-say and the subsequent comments were a mixed bag of flame n’ shame. The topic was so potent even the legendary Garmon submitted his pennies worth to the argument as I’m sure he’s never short on the motivation to conflict.

Over the past month there have been regular interviews for the CSM candidates to put forward their respective cases for election. I’m not one for politics except when confronted with a ransom opportunity but it’s still an interesting read.

The EvE Tribune is always a well written, invaluable and informative weekly e-zine for which I highly recommend to any pilot seeking relevant and currant articles on the status quo of New Eden.

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