A Life In Turmoil

I’m sick. Sick from the sweet words in local from carebear to noob, sick of the mission runners whining about the cost of missiles, sick of being stuck in hauler traffic, sick of the pompous politics and sick of being tagged with a measly security rating of -2.45. This must change or I'll go crazy(er).

The Emperor knows I’ve attempted relative peace but I can’t condone it any longer. Currently I’m collating possessions into one single system for easy access by Miss NEXUS, whom has been recalled from her tour of duty in the Minmatar Militia to once again serve my cause in the lawlessness of null sec providing supplies and intel. I’ve done this once before approximately two years ago, but since I returned to Empire I have felt uneasy with my place in New Eden. Once upon a tale my security rating was a wonderful -9.98 and being bad felt good, but I’m beginning to feel like I’m missing the best part of my life by poncing around Empire and the low sec borders.

B13’s presence has been requested and I await his response to my invitation to join me in my endeavour. The w-pos is to be deployed on schedule in ten days time and will serve as a staging point for our occupation in null sec. Whatever path B13 chooses will surely involve piracy, whether to the lengths I plan or not is irrelevant. My enrolment in I-A must unfortunately come to an abrupt end to avoid anticipated reprisals from my enemies.

It’s a new dawn for me and my crew. My mission is indulgence as an outlaw on the fringes of low sec. Over the past few years I have had the privilege of serving in the Amarr Militia, I have acted as sentry to massive alliance mining operations, I have been involved in the deployment of an Empire POS, hunted bounties across the galaxy, stolen many lives and possessions and earned the respect of my colleagues.

My reports will not suffer from the prolonged occupation of this realm, indeed I may have more interesting tales to tell. As I bid farewell to Empire I may smart-bomb Jita just for my own amusement. The plan is in motion and I am beside myself with anticipation. I guess it was innevitable when I kidded myself I would be content within the Empire. So back to the darkness where I belong, back where I was forged and where I'm at my best.

Happy(er) hunting…