W-POS Execution

It happened, an event which I had assumed was impossible; a w-POS destroyed by hostile forces. Theoretically this shouldn't happen. I was of the common opinion that, by its very nature a wormhole POS was almost invulnerable because in order to field the firepower required to destroy such a structure, would take more weight than a wormhole would allow before collapsing. Obviously I underestimated the patients of some pilots to maintain firing at a POS shield for an unbearable amount of time. Bravo to those involved.

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Quivering Palm said...

Even a Large POS can be brought down - our own Large POS which we thought was invulnerable was brought down to 40% shields back in September.

A decent defense plan, and a group of dedicated players willing to protect it is what's needed to fend off the attacks.

Nice videoclip but you don't say what size it was. I guess small since I only see corp hangar / sma? did it drop anything?

We once killed a small POS and most of our group consisted of Stealth Bombers, that give the best DPS/mass ratio to bring down such big targets.


Redundant blogger said...

I guess it must've been a small POS, even so its destruction surely took hours to execute.

Its interesting to note that the majority of the weapons used to bring down the POS were lasers, requiring no ammunition to fire they can burn almost indefinitely.

I like the stealth bomber approach though, but this whole issue is causing concern for my own plans. I guess the lesson here is to beprepared to defend your POS should it become besieged by hostiles.

Quivering Palm said...

agreed! here is a link to read what happened during our POS siege back in September:


It might help others to build better defenses for their wspace POSes.

Redundant blogger said...

Link posted.

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