Traditionally around this time the powers that be grant us lowly souls a gift for the annual celebrations. I’m eager to know whether and what this years prezzy might be. My snowballs have melted and the launcher rusted so an item is needed to let those of us who celebrate, let our hair down and commit social suicide by behaving badly.

Will it be a new shuttle? Or perhaps the stations could become adorned with twinkly lights and snow. Even better would be a giant bearded fat fellow, dressed in red and stood at each gate, laughing and endlessly churning out seasons greetings.

I think the latter option may cause some aggression toward gate staff. We must remember however that New Eden does not share the same religious beliefs, and the multicultural nature of the cluster should be remembered.

For some unfathomable reason I tend to gain an extra tyre in weight, which I duly burn after the celebrations have tired. This year I’m almost out-of-my-mind from all the quafe I’ve consumed. There’s a tradition in my family that asks us to abstain from acts of violence during the celebrations but I’ve decided to make this year an exception.

Whatever your plans this time around I wish you all happy yarr! time, and trust that you will celebrate to the fullest extent of the law, and then some.

Merry hunting…


Unknown said...

Dude you dont read CCP's dev blogs do you lol. after DT today you will have the option on your character selection screen to redeem a new and unique scanning ship called the Zephyr. it is a solar wind driven ship that comes with a unique scan probe launcher that is specially designed for charting wormholes. Sleepers will NOT shott at it!
It is a one off ship that is never going into production.
Hope this clears it up for you :)
Merry Christmas from TheN1ghtbr1nger

Redundant blogger said...

Kewl toy. It's nice to get a ship you can fit; albeit 1 slot, and it's for a probe launcher. Still, thanks CCP.

I havn't been exploring in it yet to test that claim about the sleepers, but I have the perfect new home for this unique ship.

Hopefully most will be destroyed so that, in time I can sell mine for a bil.

Ho ho ho...