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Amarr - History

In 3,805 AD, a group known as the Conformists, within the United Catholic Church, settled on Sockheviti. 92 years later, they lost power for reasons unknown, and were exiled.

In 7,989 AD, the Conformists take the opportunity provided by the EVE gate to begin migrating. One of their leaders, Dano Gheinok, spurred the migration and directed them towards Athra. Then, in 8,000, Gheinok declared himself a prophet and established a theocracy. By the time EVE closed, all the conformists had migrated to Athra, and began settling the continent of Amarr.

Thousands of years pass, during which the Conformists are renamed the Amarr and declare themselves an Empire. Then, in 20,022 AD, the Udorians arrived on the Amarr continent, leading to the launching of the Reclaiming in 20,078. By 20,544, the Amarr had conquered the entire planet of Athra, and begin spreading outward. Expansion and conquest are the trademarks of the Empire until 21,875 AD, when the Empire went through what were known as the Moral Reforms. The apostles became less powerful at that time, and the stage was set for the five heirs to come to power.

In 22,480 AD, they invaded and conquered the Minmatar, enslaving them. Khanid was exiled in 22,762 AD, and the Amarr Empire continued to expand until 23,180 AD, when they first made contact with the Gallenteans, followed by the Caldari and the Jovians. Then followed a war with Gallente, a subsequent war with Jove, and a rebellion among the Minmatar slaves, all of which severely damaged the Empire.

Though still the largest Empire, the spirit of the Reclaiming has finally been crushed out of the Empire, and expansion has slowed dramatically.

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