Camera Drones

Camera drones are unseen. Obviously they are there as we can see there effects every-time we undock, they tirelessly do our biding and orbit our vessels at a standard range and allow us to see the field without compromising our position, even when cloaked.

The use of camera drones is one of passive instruction. None of us give much thought on camera drone operation as they are vital tools to allow us to view the space we occupy. Their speed and agility is unmatched and they are totally invulnerable.

The views they give can be absolutely beautiful as New Eden is full of wonder, but sometimes their operation is something I wish could be enhanced. B13 recently made a comment that the view point should be locked into position if one so wishes. As an interceptor pilot one might wish to lock the field of vision behind the ship so the interceptor could be flown more like an aeroplane through the battlefield.

Tactically I can see little reason for such a feature except that the orientation of the vessel could be constantly observed and could act as a substitute for the lack of a cockpit. There are already instructions in place which allow the drones to focus their views on any object (observe as interest) while orbiting any other vessel within range. There has never been a graphic for these mechanical eyes and there are many reasons why they are not visible. Perhaps the official reason for this is that they are too small to track. Obviously it would be undesirable to have them visible whilst invisible, defeating the purpose of cloaking.

It would be a nice feature to be able to lock the drones into any number of fixed positions particularly on smaller, faster ships to aid navigation. Perhaps next year B13 may have his wish, I doubt it though as there are more pressing issues at hand. Ambulation anyone?


Dante Edmundo said...

I learned recently the Jovians who developed the pod capsule, also decided to add the sound effects you hear when flying etc. So the capsuleer flying the ship would be able to pilot his ship in a more human fashion.

Of course there is no sound in space but with the additional sound and camera technology - it provides enough illusion for the capsuleer to pilot the ship in a natural manner.

Redundant blogger said...

Thanx for your comment Dante. It's interesting to note how the ergonomics are constant when assisting humanoids in the operation of machines. In the case of POD technology, everything is an illusion because the images and sounds are linked directly to the brain.

Only the crew knows what really occurs. They are the true explorers as they experience the real horror or beauty of New Eden in its full gory glory.