A Question of Choice

New Eden has the capacity to grant pilots to decide their own career paths, providing the capacity for these roles to be determined by the individual in collaboration with various support methods available across New Eden.

There are many of you out there whom, for whatever reason, do not engage in combat against your fellows through choice. However, there is a group in the cosmos whom are more than capable and willing to make that choice on your behalf. Pirates are professionals at choosing the fate of any victim, and they enjoy almost free reign to conduct their business any way they seem fit.

Although there may be many similarities between pirates regarding the implementation of professional piracy across the galaxy, ultimately this conduct is entirely subject to that individuals’ or groups' morality and abilities.

Piracy is a representation of the purity of New Eden’s nature and this is expressed through greed, combat and appropriation of items through aggressive negotiation. The only restriction a pirate may face is the right to enjoy the protection of the Imperial defence fleet or the local faction's, but this too can be remedied through the maintenance of the security rating; the grinding of missions and the elimination of undesirable enemy 'pests' found across New Eden.

There are similar professions in New Eden which also display many of the facets of piracy; bounty hunters for instance, tend to match many of the attributes a pirate may display, but they are obliged to obey the mandate for which they have been hired, to eliminate certain individuals or parties in order to be paid.

There is little doubt that the most liberated group of individuals in New Eden are pirates, and if one wishes to roam the skies of Dominion and behold to none other than ones' own conscience, piracy perhaps is the profession you seek.

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