Moon is a film about the exploitation of a life and the manipulation of the truth for the purposes of corporate profit. It's an incredibly well delivered film which explores morality versus capitalism. Sam Bell is a sole astronaut who care-takes a group of machines as they mine the moon for it's precious Helium3, used in nuclear fusion back home.

As his rotation of 3 years comes to a close, events unfold which force him to realise that everything is not as it seems, in fact things are very wrong and have been for a long time.

A brilliant film which makes one feel hopeless, just like the character on-screen due in no small part to Sam Rockwells' performance as the lonely astronaut, Kevin Spacey; the caring and soflty spoken GERTY, Duncan Jones; the director and the simple yet harrowing soundtrack by Clint Mansell from The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream fame.

The special effects in Moon surpass many films becasue they are there to form a narrative, instead of being the main attraction. Films such as Avatar rely almost entirely on the CGI to impress audiences, making for a visual feast without substance. In Moon, all the special effects are shot with minuatures instead of CGI, which lends the film a realistic yet dreamlike quality, which serves to portray the atmosphere and so the immense solitude.

Moon is one of those films that simply must be seen, it's so very rare to have an intelligent sci-fi film which doesn't contain aliens or ray-guns and centres it's crux around a character driven narrative. If you liked 2001: A Space Odyssey, then moon will not dissapoint.

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InterDict said...

I watched it this weekend and was totally blown away, so sad and thought provoking in many many ways.

Beowolf Schaefer said...

Simply a great movie. I managed to catch it a few months back. One thing you did't mention which I really liked was the lack of CGI. The movie is made almost entirely with models which I much prefer. Certainly a must see for anyone with even a passing interest in SciFi.

Redundant blogger said...

Good point - I will ammend. It works so well for Moon.

It truly is a lost art these days, which is a real shame.

Casiella Truza said...