Tech III Production Overview

Tech III(T3) products are built from new fulleride-enhanced mineral polymers and the reverse-engineered relics of ancient and powerful civilisations.T3 production requires extensive exploration of Wormholes for the following materials:

Tech III Production Chain
1. Harvest fullerite gases from gas cluds in WormHole/Sleeper (WH) space.
2. Polymer Creation - React the Fullerene gases in a POS Polymer Reactor Array to create Hybrid Polymers.
3. Salvage Sleeper NPCs and T3 ship wrecks for Ancient Salvaged Materials.
4. Using T3 Hybrid Component Blueprints available from the market under Blueprints / Components / Hybrid Components, manufacture T3 Subsystem Components from Hybrid Polymers + Ancient Salvaged Materials.
5. Reverse Engineering: - Ancient Relics are Reverse Engineered (RE) using a POS Experimental Laboratory (or Caldari Research Outpost) to produce T3 Hull BPCs and T3 Subsystem BPCs.
6. T3 Ship Hull & Subsystem manufacture at a POS Subsystem Assembly Array (or Amarr Factory Outpost) using the reverse engineered T3 Hull/Subsystem BPC and T3 Subsystem Components.

Tech III Production Flowchart

Flowchart by Tareen Kashaar.


Jaggins said...

Great guide! I have always wondered what the steps to T3 production look like.