Tech III Production Detail

Here follows a breakdown of how the components are manufactured to produce the elements required for T3 production and invention.

Polymer Creation
Polymers are made in the Polymer Reactor Array which can only be anchored using a POS in 0.3 space and below (and may be run in wormhole space). A polymer reaction requires a Polymer reaction which are seeded on the NPC market under Manufacture & Research / Reactions / Polymer Reactions, 2 of the 9 different types of fullerene gas and a normal mineable mineral.

Example - Making Fulleroferrocene.

To make this we require 1,000 units of Tritanium per cycle (per hour), 200 units of Fullerite-C50 gas per cycle and 100 units of Fullerite-C60 gas per cycle.

To make this reaction we require a POS/Starbase with at least the following equipment:

The total CPU and power needed for the above reaction is 2,750 CPU and 325,000 MW, so a large control tower is recommended.

Reverse Engineering (RE)
Reverse engineering provides Tech 3 blueprint copies of the strategic cruiser hulls and the various subsystem modules it requires. There are six different types of relic and each one corresponds to a different piece of the Tech 3 ship - the hull, defensive subsystem, electronics subsystem, engineering subsystem, propulsion subsystem and offensive subsystem. The five subsystem relics can be unearthed in deadly magnetometric archeology sites all throughout Sleeper space. Hull sections can be recovered from the wrecks of ancient Talocan ships in Sleeper radar sites.

To be able to perform RE you will require a POS with an Experimental Lab (can be anchored in high sec) or access to a Caldari Outpost. You cannot do RE in normal NPC stations.

There are 3 different categories of Ancient Relics, these are Intact, malfunctioning and Wrecked. Reverse Engineering, like Invention is based on chance which is affected by skills and by the type of Ancient Relic you are using (intact = best chance and wrecked = worst chance).
Sucessful reverse engineering delivers different run BPCs based on type of Ancient Relic:
Intact Relic yields a 20-run BPCMalfunctioning Relic yields a 10-run BPCWrecked Relic yields a 3-run BPC>

Materials Needed to Perform RE

All items above are consumed by the RE job (it's not like invention where the interface isn't consumed).

There are varying degrees of success, if you aren't successful then you may get back a datacores, a decryptor or the hybrid tech and then there's the utter failure where you completely fail and get nothing at all.

If you use "intact" relics there's a chance you may get a wrecked relic back from a failed RE attempt.

Relic Type RE Outcome Type
Armor Nanobot Defensive Subsystem
Electromechanical Component Electronics Subsystem
Power Cores Engineering Subsystem
Thruster Sections Propulsion Subsystem
Weapon Subroutines Offensive Subsystem
Hull Section Ship Hull section