Humble PIE

One of my earliest ambitions was to enrol within the ranks of the role-playing corporation known as P.I.E. As a corporation they are unsurpassed in their contributions they have made to our global history and traditions, exclusively selecting pilots from the folds of the glorious Amarr race to continue the purity of the Amarr faith.

P.I.E (Preatoria Imperialis Excubitoris) is a corporation designed exclusively for the Amarrian. Founded in 105 EST, they are one of the oldest and most prestigious organisations in New Eden. Their mandate is one of recognition and preservation of the Amarrian way of life. The brass goes so far as to state that any pilot caught flying a non-Amarrian vessel (excluding shuttles) will be subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the corporation. I made preliminary enquiries with their recruitment officer about how far this exclusion on vessels extends; whether my coveted Bhaalgorn would be permitted. Unfortunately they consider the Bhaalgorn a bastardisation of the original hull. This common point of view is meant to uphold the faith these pilots serve.

This response got me thinking however, about the tactical assembly of such an organisation. The very nature of specialisation breeds weaknesses, but as we exist in an assumed balanced universe, nothing is without amendment or accountability. There are some Amarrian ships which don’t use lasers exclusively and combine with natural resistance opposite to the conventional. I trust there is enough variety within the Amarr faction to field a fleet with balance and a broader spectrum of resistance and out-put than is assumed.

With a security rating of -9.8, I was told to improve my status to nominal levels to successfully apply. This is something that is planned, but piracy is a very seductive profession. The time will come when I’d consider redeeming my ways, but in the mean-time I will continue to be an advocate of P.I.E and other role-playing organisations. They enhance our epic landscape with heritage and envelope New Eden with richness and tradition.

Amarr Victor!

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Latro said...

Also note that many Amarrian vessels only provide a reduction to cap use for lasers on their weapons. Thus, if you aren't using lasers, you gain no particular loss in capabilities, hence the AC-fitted Punisher, et al.

Anonymous said...

Might i educate you. And point out that P.I.E is not an alliance. It is a corporation. Wich is a huge difference.

Redundant blogger said...

Amended anonymous, a slip of the tongue.

I like yer thinking Latro. I prefer to fit "outside-of-the-box." Surprise can be a great ally and if ones ship performs differently to the norm' it can confuse the enemy, creating an advantage.