The Importance of Being Ruthless

New Eden does not love you. New Eden is a psychopathic, amoral menace which constantly gnaws at your integrity and resolve. I particularly relish upholding an evil persona throughout my lives in line with mother natures’ intent.

However, feelings of remorse tend to creep in whenever deciding the fate of prey. This is more acute where the trapped pilot is clearly out of their depth. I remember hitting a target with a snipe, only to see the ship explode from the second square volley. This surprised me as much as them, but this ‘accident’ reinforced the ruthless nature of the void leaving me with no time to discuss terms.

With fear as an ally there is much that can be accomplished but, while using fear it’s critical not to become seduced by the darkness completely. Respect is difficult to earn and honour is for militant morons. Criminal life is much more colourful and brings its own unique traits. There is honour amongst thieves, or kindness from killers, but this is rare as the basic nature of piracy is to be feared, loathed and avoided.

There is no room for mercy in this profession. Without a strong resolve our victims would not experience the terror necessary to persuade them from their possessions, and they’d refuse to grant ransom demands which would be damned naughty. Become ruthless and you may become rich, your reputation will be just and your victims will forever tremble in your presence.

Happy hunting…

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Latro said...

Wow. People still pay ransoms? Really?