Vorsprung Durch Technik

The EvE fitting Tool is the standard by which the majority design prospective ships. In conjunction with Singularity EFT is a very powerful tool. B13 is an EFT warrior, his past something of an engineer. His fits usually look very promising on paper but sometimes fail to deliver in practice. I fear this is quite common and derives from the misconception that EFT can, in theory provide a sound and fool proof set of stats that will translate accurately into New Eden’s’ fray of fighting fools.

EFT is an excellent way of formatting a vessel to do a particular job. Whether it’s scanning, piracy or mission-running, EFT can provide you with the relevant stats to enable such designs. But one must be careful not to put too much emphasis on this tool to provide one with an effective ship. EFT does not take into consideration the practicalities of some designs such as dual-tanking (simultaneous shield & armour tanks). Statistically a dual-tanked vessel can take much more punishment than a specific tank, or an omni-tank(universal damage resistance), but at an immense cost to other abilities and manageable capacitor levels.

Testing is the only way to be sure of your designs performance. Without testing, any design is only speculation, and EFT cannot provide the necessary experience. So put away your blueprints and setsquares and delve into the realm of death and destruction and test that fit to obliteration on Singularity.

Happy testing…

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Ľubomír Brindza said...

'omni-tank' generally means 'not damage type specific', be it shield or armor tank.

Redundant blogger said...

Indeed, a broad spectrum of damage resistance is an omni-tank. I usually fit this type of tank as, in PvP it's impossible to plan for the types of damage one may encounter.

However, it can be prudent to fit a specific tank against a common damage type if hunting a specific ship type which is likely to use a specific type of weapon delivering a narrow bandwidth of damage output. This would make ones ship harder against that foe, but open to counter attack should reinforcements aid the victim.