Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf was a clear favourite past-time from my youth. Originally released in 1988, it was an instant cult show with an 11 year lifespan, solidifying the casts careers and instigating a split following of those idiots that 'didn't get it' to the other idiots who completely adored the show and it's brand of crazy comedy and proposterous plots.

Created by Doug Naylor and Rob Grant; Red Dwarf had some of the best characters ever to grace a CRT. My favourite has to be the 'Cat,' an evolved feline humanoid intent on womanising and subject to impractical bouts of vanity. Genius. I can never tire of catching up with this iconic sci-fi-com and, in-part the best past-time was working out which popular sci-fi was being parodied by the show.

Originally Red Dwarf was very nearly not made, but thanks to the persistence of the creators, the BBC finally allowed the lunacy to become reality. But I am sad that such a classic show came to an end but all good things must come to an end so we may cherish them.

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Antony said...

Well, after the success of the Red Dwarf 3 part Easter special in 2009. Uk TV channel Dave has commissioned more Red Dwarf. Production of this NEW 6 episode series is believed to begin early 2011.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the new 3 part series although it was quite flat compared to the earlier episodes.

Smeg off ya smeg head. Rimmer World was the best episode by far.

Anonymous said...

And with Netflix instant download you can revisit the series again... and again...

Redundant blogger said...

I dissagree that the newer series was 'flat' - but it lacked the canned laughter that was present in all other series. Canned laughter helps add atmosphere and serves to reassure the viewer that it's okay to laugh.

It's a personal experience which can embarass if not necessary or if enjoyed singularly amongst others. I'm not usually a fan, but in Red Dwarf it was welcomed because the humour is so childish and visual that it's an experience to laugh with and at others(real or fake) and share the jokes.