Real 3D

Eve Online is a virtual three dimensional game. To remove the 'virtuality' is to bring New Eden into the tangible universe. Aside from spending billions developing a machine that can somehow transplant binary into molecular mass I suggest building with the ancient legendary structure blocks, commonly know as Lego. Sure the craft wouldn't operate as expected without depleted uranium and capacitor, but that is entirely subject to the imagination of the beholder.

Upon enthusiastically raiding the old storage silos, I intend to build a life size Avatar! Now if only I had enough 2erds in yellow...

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Ga'len said...

This is pretty cool. My wife used it and made me a Badger, then ordered the kit from the LDD and gave it to me for Christmas.

Man was it a bitch to put together, but it looks cool.

Redundant blogger said...

THAT is the definition of Lurve. I trust you got her summat cool too.

The possibilities are endless, and to be honest I'd probably prefer a Lego version than a die-cast model as it'd be possible to modify the model.

If you've got a piccy I'd love to post it...

have towel, will travel said...

You may enjoy this fine representation of Matari engineering that i constructed while bored at my parents' house this past xmas:

-Daisy Blossom

Redundant blogger said...

Kewl - you've done a grand job there. S'pose that's what crimbo is all aboot these dayz eh?

Thanks Daisy, appreciated muchly.

Any more takers..?