Time to Kill...

Running a corporation or an alliance must be incredibly consuming, especially as New Eden waits for no-one. Time; the most precious of all commodities.

I currently run my own miniature corporation; a population of half a dozen, but not to a level which would require my constant presence to protect industrial and territorial assets and maintain the obedience and respect of the group. And although I have also commanded my own gangs in battle I cannot confess to being tactically savvy enough to undertake the responsibility of a full fleet.

There are those that own/manage corporations set amidst the darkest voids in null sec and in our Empires. Their commitment to New Eden’s status quo is surpassed only by the powers that be (CCP). I’d assume these individuals to be independently wealthy or may have some other purpose granting the freedom to commit great swathes of lifetime nurturing their respective clans. The attributes of such individuals must converge on similar grounds, many may already be versed in the art of management and motivation to maintain the vast gaggle of egocentric players, all vying for their slice of fame/respect/fear/loathing.

To kill a CEO is one of my personal goals in this life, and would be an honour. Locating a CEO is easy but combat with such not so, I’d assume many don’t have the luxury to spend their time in the void occupying them-selves by whim, instead they are locked in a prison of their own making, micro managing various abstract interfaces. It’s not something I’d aspire to, although I understand the lure as I understand Miners and Makers.

A CEO’s ALT must be their most valuable asset if their identity is withheld. The ability to pass unnoticed through any non-specific space is something we take for granted, but a CEO of a particularly large/famed corporation/alliance cannot guarantee they will remain unmolested for any length of time if travelling alone. I expect many to use ALTs to lead a separate and completely different life to their main, a taste of the virtual freedom commonly enjoyed by the masses.

It is curious that we persistently relish stress, risk and loss for fun, friendship and faction loot! I have great respect to those elite few whom manage to manage on a daily basis much of the structure found within our galaxy. New Eden’s populace in majority needs leaders, pioneers and those with the courage to make the decisive decisions whether right or not. Without them New Eden would surely be a much lonelier and chaotic realm. Now if only I could find one outside.

Happy (CEO) hunting…

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Myrhial Arkenath said...

CEO's undock? I thought the moment you assumed the position that button was taken from you. ;)

MrXotan said...

Hahahaah, I lol'd on soundtrack!