Ramains of the Day

Last night B13 and myself became trapped in wormhole space after one of our fleet caused the collapse of the exit wormhole, returning to back to Empire. Initially we were dismayed at the situation, but then we received a comms in local, a request from another pilot to exit wormhole space after being trapped for 3 days!

Needless to say that this poor fellow was charged 30million isk with the promise of leaving via the wormhole we entered, he was then led to a safe-spot and murdered by our group. He wasn't happy, but he got what he paid for, he got out.

3 days! I'm not sure if that is true, and when asked if he returned to the same system he entered he declined to respond, funny that. Needless to say it got me thinking, would it be possible to live in wormhole space, farming the DED's, gas clouds and the asteroid belts and taking advantage of naive pilots who stray into this realm?

At the time of writing our group is still in wormhole space, exploring the system and farming what we find all the while scanning for new wormholes. We are no longer within the original 'unknown' system as we have already travelled through another wormhole we've found into another 'unknown' system. I wonder long we can keep jumping?

We could, theoretically remain indefinitely. Our only problem at the moment is on-board cargo space. After just one day we are all full to bursting with loot, minerals and salvage that we cannot continue looting without clearing the cargo somehow.

So the next wormhole we hope to find back into normal space will be a welcomed discovery, but only to un-load our cargo. We plan to return, scanning, farming and pirating for the next few days. Now there are better and much more effective ways to aquire isk, but few are as dangerous, or as much of a challenge as the one we find ourselves in.

I figure that 10 days should be an adequate test of this theory. If we survive the adventure then we may make it a regular event, perhaps calling in support in the form of a hauler or even a Capital, to provide us with the cubic meters to loot to our hearts content. Bringing a capital ship into wormhole space is risky, but done correctly, who knows what you could get in here. Only time will tell, and we appear to have plenty to kill, in every sense of the word.