B13 made a fascinating discovery, instead of scanning down a ship or structure while looking for hidden belts to mine, he found a signal which refused to identify itself. He Contacted Mr NOXx over the comms system, whom suggested it was a ghost signal. "He doesn't get this sort of thing anyway." B13 thought to himself. He willed the ship to keep scanning.

His persistence eventually paid off! He had homed his signal enough, so that his warp drive could lock onto a target and warp to its location.

Usually when one probes close enough to a signal the probes can tell what they are before visual contact is made, not in this case however.

B13> 10 seconds to warp bubble collapse NOXx

B13’s ship began to vibrate as it shuddered from its warp field and back into to normal space.

B13> 3..2..1..warpfield collapse..reducing speed...Eh? What in the hell is that?

NOXx> What do you see B13?

B13> I’m not sure, but I think it’s a tunnel of some sort…a wormhole!

NOXx> Oh yeah? Okay…I’m on my way. Stay there. Don’t do anything.

B13 was not one for being told what to do. B13 willed his thrusters to edge further forward to get a closer look. It was magnificent, like a giant glass dome, pulsating from all sides, and in the centre the vague images of a distant system somewhere.

Mr NOXx arrived just in time to see B13’s ship disappear into the wormhole forcing the light to flex and buckle around the perimeter.

NOXx> Damn!..B13!

B13's ship appeared again but not in the star system he was but somewhere else. Somewhere strange and alien somehow. His camera drones worked overtime to keep up with his thoughts as he searched the sky.

NOXx> B13? Can you read me?

B13> Err...yeah…You gotta see this!

NOXx> What is it?

B13> It’s another star system…location - unknown! And I’m getting no local at all, no-one else is here. The interstellar beacon seems to be malfunctioning.

NOXx> Are there any stargates or stations?

B13> Not that I can see. Come on through!

NOXx> Not without knowing that this wormhole is reversible. You come back through, then we can return together knowing that we can get back.

B13> Roger that, returning to you.

Without fear or hesitation B13 fired up his engines, swung his ship around and proceeded back towards the centre of the wormhole. As he approached the terminator once more the entire entity flexed and pulsated as his tiny Covert ops frigate was slung from one end of the galaxy to the other in an instant, back to known space. Mr NOXx saw him appear suddenly in much the same way as from a stargate. He deduced that the same effect was happening, but in a natural and incredibly powerful way. Kind of like comparing a light bulb to lightning.

"Incredible." Mr NOXx thought.

B13> We should bookmark this spot on both sides

NOXx> Agreed.

Mr NOXx's mind flooded with the possibilities of this discovery.

NOXx> So there were no other ships there? And no local beacons, and no stations?

B13> Not that I could see.

NOXx> Interesting, this may be just what we have been looking for. I may be wrong but I bet this is not the only wormhole in space. And that fact that this one is in empire suggests to me that wealthy merchants, traders and explorers may use this space for their own purposes. Which in-turn means a target rich environment. No concord, no bounty hunters, just us and them. For a while at least.

B13> You mean just like null sec but without the damn mileage?

NOXx> Precisely. No blockaids, no sentry towers.

B13> We could do well here!

NOXx> Indeed. Okay, if you're ready we'll go through together...

The giant wormhole observed the two tiny vessels approach its event horizon. As they were swallowed by the entity space and time appeared to flex as they dissapeared and they were propelled into the unknown once again.

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