Dust 514 - First Look

Dust 514 is an online First Person Shooter from CCP built within the EvE Online universe. So far Hilmar Veigar Petursson (CCP CEO) has confirmed during a press release that the game will be a console exclusive but will link with the PC version of our beloved game. How this will be achieved has not yet been made clear but there are talks of the planets in EvE Online (PC) will be somehow fought over in the new game. Details are still sketchy but more is promised at fan-fest in October this year.

Personally I think this is a very shrewed move by CCP to secure more revenue and expand the EvE universe beyond the PC market. EvE Online has some of the richest design and back story elements of any modern game and it would be great to share it with more players whom, until now have not been encouraged to play EvE. The game has already been in development for 3 years so one can assume that a release can't be too far away. I certainly will be awaiting with deep anticipation...

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