Pop Goes The Weasel

System: Classified
Security: 0.3
Mission: Command Ship Tour

Our only encounter was a trap sprung. A Rifter was located ratting within a belt in 0.3 security space. When attacked by B13, two Minmater Battle cruisers de-cloaked 20 km from B13s' position and attempted to take him down.

Needless to say that the Rifter did not last long. As my warp tunnel terminated on the scene I saw one of the Battle cruisers explode in a flash of white light. B13s' guess as to why the Hurricane dropped so quickly was that the pilot must've forgotten to activate his tank, not expecting the severity of B13s' retaliation. The second pilot did not run as expected but bravely continued to pound on B13s' armour.

As I engaged the second Battle cruiser the inevitable happened and a swarm of ECM drones dampened B13s' hold on the ship and the Battle cruiser warped toward a planet. I was just beyond Disruptor range and I cursed my own error locking the target too early thus preventing his retreat.

We decided to separate to the two star gates within the system to blockade the Battle cruiser. Scan probes were launched and within a few scans the enemy was located deep in a safe spot. I had a hunch that the pilot, if he was wise would jump between a couple of safe spots. First I warped to the scan probes 1st result while B13 continued to scan. When I arrived he had literally just left the grid and my ships overview caught a glimpse of his signature.

As B13 warped to a second scan result he caught the startled Hurricane Pilot and attempted a lock. Immediately our prey warped back to my location right on top my Disruptor range. The ensuing battle was not over as quickly and the Hurricane pilot fought valiantly but soon enough B13 arrived and aided in the Hurricanes demise. This time we were sure to destroy any ECM drones as they were deployed, eventually obliterating his ship with lethal salvos of overheat.

The rest of the night was quiet and uneventful. We saw no other ships on our scans save for the odd Frigate and eventually journeyed home to re-arm. Meeting up in the hangar we agreed that the mission was a success but was not as eventful as hoped. We've decided to try again soon, but to undertake our mission when the pickings were likely to be thicker.


Nashh Kadavr said...

Nice post, good read and sounds like a fun night dispite the lack of further action. congrats on the deserved kill!