The Lottery

System: Classified
Security: 0.5

B13 and I made a killing last night, literally. Some poor soul thought it would be a good idea to afk-auto-pilot his hauler through a 0.5 system whilst carrying almost a Billion in ISK worth of equipment. Needless to say that half the modules were destroyed, the other half appropriated. The modules included a faction stasis and a whole collection of rigs. He even had a pack of cigarettes on-board which survived the decompression of his precious hull.

The feeling B13 and I share is that the proceeds should be channelled into a new mission. B13 came up with the idea that we buy a couple of Command ships, fit them with death, rig them with gank and head out into the wildness to hunt. If they were lost we shouldn’t feel too bad as they were essentially free, only costing us a couple of cruisers to obtain.

At the time of writing we’re both preparing ourselves for the task at hand. The wormhole POS is ready to be deployed but has been delayed temporarily whilst we undertake this new mission. I have already prepared my clone, and we should return in time for the Inter Corporation Frigate tournament which will commence within the next 48 hours.

My weapon of choice? An Absolution. B13 will be taking a Sleipnir. Both will be equipped for maximum DPS to eliminate prey quickly. The fitting I will post, post the mission. We may even wander into w-space just to have a look but I would expect us to stick to low sec prowling for targets. As the ships we’re to pilot are essentially ‘throwaway’ we may even try passing a few known hostile regions as the targets will surely come to us. Whatever happens depends on the day, but I expect it to be eventful or I’ll kill someone.


Myrhial Arkenath said...

This sounds like it will be good, looking forward to see the outcome of that.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Also just noticed you have ISK seller ads on your blog and they seem to be intentionally put there. Might want to consider getting rid of those before you get into trouble.

Redundant blogger said...

Duly noted. Thanks for the concern.

Dante Edmundo said...

It will be interesting how long your expedition lasts with those Command Ships, especially flying in low-sec, like a humungous magnet.

Cyberin said...

If you consider it free Isk, can you just send it to me :)