Battle Royal

I-A and I-F are set to do battle, a Frigate Tournament where the prize is a shiny new Battle-cruiser built by the Corporation. I really don’t need yet another Harbinger. I am looking forward to it though because it’s to destruction, and I like destruction.

There are restrictions however, no faction equipment, faction ammunition or rigs. The organiser, B13 is quite flush with ISK and wanted to use faction modules, but that would not be fair on the more inexperienced members of the Corporation whom have yet to siphon billions from their prey. Being Minmatar, he isn’t used to playing fair.

I expect and believe I will win even though my skills are not as advanced as some of my fellow capsuleers. It’s how one uses those skills in practice that counts and Frigate combat is my forte. I enjoy the hands on approach to Frigates. My favourite ships to fly are the Malediction and the Retribution.

The battle is to take place within the next 72 hours in our territory, a secret location hidden within low sec. A gate camp has been organised to protect the contestants and there’ll be a couple of Heavy Assault Cruisers on hand to ‘referee’ proceedings. So I’ve been back into high security space again recently to acquire several possible fittings. I’ll let you know which ones were effective and which, if any failed.

Amarr Victor!


jamenta said...

You know I was just thinking that for the big Alliance PvP tourney going on right now, it would have been nice if there was more than one venue for the rounds ... and a strictly Frigate based set of rounds would be rather cool. No?

Maybe the 1st day of the tourney would be all frigates than subsequent days you would graduate up to more expensive ships being allowed in etc.

Redundant blogger said...

That is a good idea, and Frigate combat is so different from the tactical combat that comes with slower, less agile ships. Perhaps they could end up in Titans...perhaps not.

But you're right, there should be a scale of combat. It seems that the full skill set of players is not being tested. I use Frigates all the time and it would be nice to see them acknowledged as a viable medium for death dealing.

Cyberin said...

I hate tourneys that have rules about fittings.

It's a's meant to see who the best is..if you start limiting what people can use it kinda takes that factor out...

SNs are having a T1 frigate free for all sometime soon. Only rule is you have to be in a t1 frigate...everything else goes :D

Redundant blogger said...

True, but we do have a lot of newer players that can't afford to fit faction items and generally we all feel that it would be unfair to use them.

T1 frigate combat is all about how you fly rather than how high your skills are and therefore is more of a test of skill rather than skills.

We've found in the past that faction fitted frigates end up in a stale-mate and I'd like to see some explosions along the way. It's more definative that way.