EvS's past is shady to say the least. Whenever asked about his personal history the response is usually one of bitter revulsion. I-A has learnt the hard way that he is not one for interrogation on any level.

Upon meeting EvS his character appears quite amenable but becoming acquainted with this Gallente is not an easy task. Details of his life are sketchy but many believe him to be the product of a cloning accident and that his memories of his past are not his own. He appears to torment himself over the most trivial of things and is rarely seen in a buoyant mood.

Primarily he spends his days obliterating deep space faction pirates but he can also be found making billions upon the galactic markets trading just about anything which gives a good return. An expert in many disciplines including trading, ratting, salvaging and tanking, he is always present in one of his chosen war machines tackling the most difficult of missions for the gain.