Babylon 5

Babylon 5 was one of the most violent depictions of a traditional sci-fi future on TV thus far. I remember watching Star Trek and hoping that something would kick-off. It never did of course, diplomacy always won.

Babylon 5 was exactly the opposite to this endless peace. If diplomacy was used the protagonists would be assassinated throwing entire regions into war. There was always a murder and a fist fight every episode, it even had a head on a pike once. It was great. The Emmy award winning effects were produced on a bank of Amiga2000 platforms utilising Video-Toasters which was amazing to me at the time. Did you know they had a clock speed of only 7MHz!

A dark vision of the future, so dark it had shadows upon shadows. The tone of the show was as close to EvE Online I've seen so far, without the PODs...?

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Magson said...

Still my favorite sci-fi show by far. I've enjoyed many others since, including the new BSG, but B5 still holds the top spot for me.

And after watching that synopsis vid you linked... time to go dig out my dvd's and watch a few episodes. . . .

Redundant blogger said...

I agree - Babylon5 was so good to watch I saw every episode right through the series.

My favourite Character was Londo, the Centauri Ambassador because he was evil and he looks like me.

Anonymous said...

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