Super Capital Slug-fest

Earlier today the rescheduled Super Carrier patch test was undertaken by the many thousands of lucky pilots able to log onto the test server; Singularity. Every pilot was promoted to maximum skills and encouraged to construct a theoretical Super Carrier for pew pew. The test, designed to maximise interaction and identify any significant in-balances went well clocking up hundreds of wrecks every hour.

Within the violently bizarre realm of Singularity, Super Capitals (Mother Ships) are no longer granted the ability to fit Triage modules, Clone Vat Bays or additional Ware-fare links. Instead a hp boost and a new class of drone; Fighter Bombers have been docked to reclassify the role for the craft into a supporting role. These deadly new Fighter Bombers have one sole purpose; the destruction of an enemy Titan.

Seeing these little drone ships in action on Singularity is quite hypnotic as they launch huge volumes of high explosive missiles at the target resulting in a fireworks display of light and debris. The server has enjoyed a thousand pilots online throughout the day and many have had to queue a few hours until their turn. The changes are significant, some would say controversial; pilots have 'rage quit' in disgust at CCP's decision to amend the Mother-Ships role, an unusual method of contributing to the evolution of our beloved galaxy.

Fortunately my ships are entirely sub-capital so there is little chance of me rage quitting any time soon, so long as they don't nerf podding.

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Patrick said...

I would just like to express my dissapointment. As I read this blog I relised I missed my chance of ever flying the cool ships.

I signed up too eve on a 21 day trial after 3 days I had paid for another months subscription. However my first 50 days where filled with dissapoinment .

Day 5 I get invited to a clan which turns out to be a scam and they take all our money ( thanks zellphello) after trying some missions and getting stuck, I move too mining in order to get money, only too relise mining is extremely boring. I spent 2 hrs a night for over a week getting enough money for a thorax only too have it destroyed on the flight back home after picking it up. I decided too keep at it. However traing to do anything takes what seems forever.

The I heard of the super cap test. I thought this could be my chance to try these cool ships maybee get my first real kill and maybee intice me too stick at it. So 30 th of sept comes around I log in earley only to find it's been moved to the 16 th. I think ok that's fine. Then I read this blog as I Lay in bed. Test has been moved again and I've missed it. As far as I can tell in an attempt to keep demand down ccp moved it last minute. So here I am venting my dissapointment.

I understand I am irrelevent but I will not be continuing my subscription. It was good while it lasted

Redundant blogger said...

You are not irrelevant, you need guidance my friend. Do not rage quit, it's an ineffective way of tackling adversity.

My first year in New Eden was the hardest, but I persevered and overcame frustration, and it still isn't without the painful reminder that there will always be death and destruction at my expense.

CCP reflect the harsh nature of the game but every player contributes to the collective community, be it prey or predator.

It's a huge lonely galaxy out there, best shared. You have already learnt so much; don't give up yet...