The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter was an epic film from my youth. I remember watching this film over and over again until I knew every single word. I especially loved the CGI animations although they have not aged well.

This film is still a blast and as I write this I realise that my 7 year old son has never seen it. So it's next on my list of films to order, fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

All i'll ever be able to remember about this movie is being traumatized at the alien clone guy's face…


…I screamed.

Anonymous said...

OH MAN!!! Thank you for this trip down amnesia lane!!!

Jabberwocky said...

One thing to remember about the CGI is that it was incomplete, they never had the time to fully render it to get the movie out on time.
I wouldn't mind it if they actually re-did the rendering for the movie.

Redundant blogger said...

I'm sure they will remake it one day...they do everything else!