An Astronomical Oversight

With Dominion, the fidelity of our beloved galaxy is to be completed, finally. Astronomical bodies such as planets and moons are to be lavished upon with great attention and illumination. This marvel can already be observed on Singularity and it’s a sight to behold. Such delight prompts endless snapping of the camera drones aperture while these sights are novel but, although a welcomed improvement in line with our adored space-craft and stations I am unsure whether the powers that be will implement the lushness with the necessary thought to make New Eden consistent.

Our solar system has several types of planets and these are formed and determined by the gravity effects from the central star and each others interactions over billions of years. Planets which nestle comfortably inside the asteroid belt are smaller and are composed mainly of rocks of various elements. These planets usually possess atmospheres and little or no moons as their gravity is too feeble to create such masses. The outer planets tend to be gas giants harbouring many moons within their huge gravitational fields as well as beautiful rings of debris in some rarer cases. The further out one goes from the central star the colder and more inert the planets become until they resemble nothing more than snowballs of unremarkable ore and frozen gas. The light available to such planets is far weaker than the central occupants enjoy making for some very dark objects indeed.

These details are superfluous to the mechanics of New Eden and Singularity is not subject to the same laws as the reality we enjoy, but I hope and trust that CCP look towards the composition of our own heavenly objects for inspiration, as well as the mechanics of solar system creation.

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Clinton said...

It's a game. Who cares.

Sit back, enjoy the fights, htfu, and go get your pew on.

John Calvin Hall said...

Also, do not forget that none of the EVE Online planets truly orbit their stars, nor are the asteroid belts formed in a manner that would be consistent with astrophysics (they are crescent shaped and not in a ring formation around the planet or star).

Hopefully, in a couple more years, this also will be fixed.

Dante Edmundo said...

I'm with you on realism factor. No reason to have some realism to what type of planets you would encounter ... don't think it would detract from gameplay.

I know there is always a running thread between realism and game playability, and sometimes you do have sacrifice realism for playability (sounds in space anyone?)

But in this case, no need to sacrifice realism IMO.

Redundant blogger said...

Agreed. It doesn't affect or cost anything except that it's acurate and reinforces the space theme.

But it is just a game and such matters are perhaps too complex to spend too much time pondering.