In Space No-One Can Hear You Cry

As a pirate I occasionally receive hate-mails from disgruntled ‘customers’ who complain that I took from them in a few moments that which they had worked hard for months. I would just like to share some of these with you complete with grammar mistakes.

Hello. Why did you shoot me? I didn’t shhot you yet you shot me. If you don’t give me back the property you stole fom me then I will have to email ccp and get you banned from the game. I hope you read this soon because I will send letter next week an get you banned. Its up to you if you want me to not get you kicked from the game then get me back asap.

Okay, I shot you because it’s funny. Period. Thanks for the hate mail though, it’s the icing on the cake. Yum yum.

I hate people like you. You ruin the game for everyone. You think that you are clever attacking players smaller than you but it is just a cowards way. If I see you again I am goinf to attack you and take you life then you will be sorry for eva attacking me.


This one made me laugh because the pilot seems to have signed his letter as Scumbag.

I cant understand why you want to blow my ship up. What did I do to you? Why don’t you just f(ed)k off and die you f(ed)king asshole.

Just a quick note this one. Apparently I am a asshole (a donkey?) because I play the game properly. An interesting perspective but partially accurate, parts of me do resemble a donkey.

Normally I honour my prey by offering them a free instant re-cloning service, but if I ever receive hate-mails I normally send an appreciation of one million ISK so that they can rebuild their space-ships, re-enter low sec and become victims all over again.

If any of you plucky pirates have hate mails please post them here, I love a good giggle.

Happy Hunting…


Spectre said...

I intentionally have never deleted my inbox just to make sure I would never lose any of my precious hatemail. It is just too precious.