“She Kanny Take Any More Cap'n…”

Overheating is the new black. If you are unable to overheat you are missing out on expensive repair bills and the endless replacement of Nanite Repair Paste. I regularly overheat my modules, sometimes to distracted destruction.

The arrangement of modules upon the ship helps contain heat damage produced when a module is overloaded. It’s desirable to have passive modules racked adjacent to the overheating module(s). Positioning the modules such helps dissipate the heat and reduces the instances of damage caused by overheating. The overheating of the primary also heats up the passive module(s) and can cause damage, but some modules are more efficient at venting heat and it is wise to account for this whenever fitting ships.

Excursions into w-space will help support the funding of a Tech 3 cruiser as well as supply many of the vital components. The specifications of this ship are to include the Supplemental Coolant Injector which will permit extended overheating of on-board modules. I realise that heat damage will still present itself, therefore I intend to maximise through training; the specific bonuses before launch. With additional excursions and a new training pattern I intend to construct and competently operate this vessel but, beyond the deployment of the w-space POS, this is my mission post POS deployment.


Latro said...

One of the Dominion changes will reduce the training requirement for Thermodynamics, so overheating should beceom even moer popular.

Redundant blogger said...

Aye, I'm so looking fotrward to 01/12. There are so many changes I'm in favour of.