“I Name This Space-Ship…”

In an ideal galaxy the name of your ship should represent the nature of that ship. If you hunt for prey however, it can be a disadvantage calling your ship “I’m gonna kill you.” I have seen various pilots name their ships ‘Veldspar’ believing that the vessel will be overlooked upon scan results.

Occasionally I have come across a ship or pilot with what can only be described as a mechanical name. Ships such as 11555866 or pilots called 44115632. These vessels never respond to hails and generally operate within Empire constantly mining the local minerals repeatedly without pause. I believe that these individuals are not POD pilots of flesh and bone, but they represent a scourge known as a Macro; a program designed to replace the thought processes of a real POD pilot. The motives behind such installations are unclear but I suspect that the black market is somehow involved.

The name of ones POD is also important. I never leave dock without first tagging my POD with a non-descriptive name, usually 001. I can’t stand PODs or ships carrying their pilots’ name and believe such individuals to be of a lazy disposition, or perhaps they have more important activities to contend with.

There are many ways of creating interesting names for your ships. B13 prefers to name his killing machines with scary little pictures such as ‘;..;’ I find these names enchanting and I’ve been guilty of naming a few ships similarly.

Typically I allocate a descriptive name to a ship inspired by the legend of the Earthly pirates that used to roam the ancient seas millennia ago. Whilst consulting various available media such as the Encyclopedia Galactica(www) I found a useful site which will generate various names for your spaceship. The link can be found below.

Happy hunting…

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Casiella Truza said...

To be honest, the idea of renaming my pod never occurred to me before. But I will next time!

Anonymous said...

I think ship naming is part of the fun of the game and I often get a chuckle from some of the ships names in local.

Anonymous said...

mmmh... generator.... lets see... first try:

"The Foul Whore of Hell"


Redundant blogger said...

Lol...no-one would like to be ganked by that ship.