Hyper Highway

New Eden is vast. The true scale is something which cannot be fathomed. Using stargates it takes hours to traverse the known galaxy which, although much more rapid than light itself, it's still an age in terms of the busy schedule a POD pilot must endure.

Generally it takes 60 seconds to traverse a system from entry to exit. This means typical journey consisting of 30 jumps will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. In cosmic terms this is extremely quick, but it isn’t instant which for some is what’s desirable.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of enrolling within a large corporate alliance you may have used a jump bridge. These portals enable a ship to travel instantly from one location to another several systems away, omitting several minutes at a time. But why should these be limited exclusively to null sec alliances?

A commercial jump bridge has been discussed before but I’m unsure whether this is still being considered or if the idea was discarded for various concerns. The cost of operating a jump depends on the mass of the vessel and uses ozone which is used as a fuel to propel the atoms of the ship through space-time. The ozone is expensive and acts as a toll. The exact mechanics I am unsure of, but I appreciated the time saved.

As a pirate I have little concern for Empire traffic, but my slave; Miss Nexus whines about the time taken to travel from one Empire to the next. Low sec or null sec jump bridges would spell disaster for my profession so in this case it wouldn’t be desirable, but there is little harm by allowing bridges to be deployed within Empire space where the journey from gate to gate only serves to prolong the time required to reach the desired destination.

Just a thought...


Wensley said...

It takes at least 30 seconds to cross a system because the acceleration and deceleration is designed to make sure you've finished your session change when you land. Just in case you didn't know.

As for jump bridges in high sec, I think its a bad idea. You need to have filled lots of sov requirements to get a JB in nullsec and there's no equivalent of that in high sec. More importantly, though, I think we have to keep a sense of distance in Eve. Things are already pretty small and you can travel around quickly. If this got accelerated then people would take advantage of market differences so fast there'd be almost no profit for your average trader.

Redundant blogger said...

Okay - bad idea. I told you I care little for Empire traffic. Even less for industrialists and marketeers.

Talenram said...

While I agree it would be really convenient, there's unfortunately no way it's going to happen. CCP wants the universe to feel large. This is why they took out the highway system some 6 years ago. You used to be able to travel between Amarr, Rens, and Jita in less than 10 jumps round trip.

The biggest change they made in order to make the universe smaller was giving us the option to warp to 0km from the gate. That day was a dark one for pirates, but it made getting around a LOT faster.