To Kill a Mocking Pilot

I love combat; it’s what I live for. I don’t care much for the win unless it is particularly juicy or well fought. A few days ago I managed to murder solo the most insubordinate pilot I have encountered on my travels thus far. I'd been hunting this individual for some time, over two years in fact. I am pleased to report however, that we finally encountered one another to settle this long standing score.

At the beginning of the ongoing conflict I contacted him regarding his Bio which stated plainly that he was an ex-slave. His tone was one of complete disregard for the Emperor and the honour for which he served. He vowed never to return to the service of the Empire, but I believe my purpose in this life (and the next) is to re-acquaint such individuals with God and clone them back to the glory of the great Amarr Empire for due service.

I had used an intelligence agent before with little success but over time I had learnt his usual haunts and planned to capture this escapee with utmost vigilance. Finally I’d cornered him in a dead-end system while he occupied himself with his various concerns.

The local beacon reported my presence as I entered the system but he remained, oblivious to my presence. Using my scanner I approximated his position and warped to his estimated location. As I entered the grid I spotted an ensuing battle 30km from the warp beacon between his Rupture and a Myrmidon.

I uncloaked and passively targeted his ship so as not to alert him to my presence. As his prey exploded in a blossom of white light and smoking debris my electronic warfare came to range. I kicked on my point and spewed drones toward his vessel.

With my Web and Jammer active he was at my mercy. Unfortunately for him he’d fitted a Micro-Warpdrive which was now useless on account of my Warp Scrambler. His pinned vessel rotated slowly as his jammed turrets struggled to hit my shields. After a life of murder I rarely feel the buzz of adrenalin during combat as over time the feeling has subdued, but on this occasion the honour of my Emperor was at stake and I felt very much alive throughout.

As his ship decompressed and subsequently exploded from the onslaught I literally cried out ‘Yarr!’ from inside my POD and gulped synthetic fluid.

The ensuing conversation was one of defiance as he continued his insubordination toward the Amarr Empire and its Emperor. I guess that sometimes some individuals cannot be enlightened even through the pain of death. I guess the lesson will have to be repeated at some point so he remains on my hit list as I am sure I’m on his.

Happy Hunting…