The Heretic

A long, long time ago I bought this neat little craft before I could actually fly it. My reasons at the time were that it was a black destroyer and I had more money than sense. Only lately have I trained the skills to fly this little craft and use its most interesting ability; blowing bubbles.

As an interdictor it can deploy an AOA Warp Disruption sphere approximately 20km across. It’s my new toy within w-space and will be used over the coming weeks to trap would-be-wanders in this realm.

B13 and I head out within the next few hours with a select few of our motley Corp to see what we can catch, and I hope that everything works as intended. The Heretic doesn’t possess a great tank; I figure it’s the sort of ship that deploys then runs leaving the camp to mop up the victims. Having said that it does posses a healthy dollop of DPS and may be able to hold its own properly supported. It shouldn’t become primary as its destruction does not eliminate the Warp Disruption Sphere, and the little beast has a small signature helping it to avoid larger turret fire so I may be neat.

I’m looking forward to our excursion and hope the outcome of the mission is favourable. I have the utmost confidence in my crew to battle through so I’ll return victorious, or it’ll be the last tour they ever do. Literally.

Happy Hunting…