Bubble Bobble

System: Unknown
Security: Unknown
Mission: To Blockade a Wormhole

The sound of a POD decompressing is such a terrific sound, unless of course it’s ones own fragile shell bursting into the void. The bubble blowing contest went well scoring three juicy kills in two hours.

B13, CT, EvS and Miss Nexus and I set up camp in a 0.5 wormhole awaiting the arrival of prey. The system was part of a high traffic bottleneck into 0.0 and also served as a gateway to a trading hub. The wormhole itself was located between the 2nd and 3rd planet and led to an achingly beautiful binary system.

With Miss Nexus acting as scout outside the wormhole a pair of Megathrons were reported approaching. Their mission was assumed to be one of exploration as no POS’s had been scanned within the w-space. When they appeared in the system, the duo was allowed to warp to a destination of their choosing. Soon enough they were located and warp disrupted with an interdictor bubble.

The ensuing battle was very bitter. We lost EvS to concentrated hybrid platform charges and an ECM swarm; we soon avenged his loss with the destruction of both Gallente battleships and their respective PODs. The drops were all Tech II; even the drones were Ogre IIs. EvS left our gabble and proceeded to re-arm but whilst he was excused another battleship entered the system. This time it was a sole Scorpion.

The pilot had guts entering on his own, but the resistance of his ship left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t long before he was podded and his wreck looted. The contents of his ship left us all bemused at what his intentions may have been as his ship possessed both an active shield and armour tank. The high slots contained a mixture of hybrid rail turrets and standard missile launchers; the whole ship was a collection of named rat drops. Tragic.

I’ve declared the mission a success, despite the singular loss, and my fellow Corp collegues have agreed that we should embark on such excursions into the void more often. So be it.

Happy hunting…