My EvE Space

With my abode currently undergoing renovation, my cubby hole (as my wife describes it) is far from comfortable. Perhaps this is the reason behind my poor mood when online, killing all I see and laughing loudly at those unfortunate souls.

The sloping roof-line will enable me to fit a curtain across the wall enclosing me within, much like a real cockpit or POD. I plan to buy the biggest screen I can physically fit into this hole in the wall and purchase some quality surround sound headphones so that, when the curtain is drawn I'll be a million miles away - virtually.


Timothy Roy said...

Thanks for posting the first 'honest' looking EVE-Space. *Grin*

I'm sure SOME of the many EVE-Space posters have enough obsessive compulsive disorder to have a super-neat and clean play area.

I'm equally sure MOST of them don't, and are just not willing to show the flaws in the area they spend most of their time. Yours is neater than mine, but at least it shows some realistic character! :)

Beowolf Schaefer said...

My area starts of clean every night and gets covered with ash spilled bourbon and coke and various food wrappings as the night progresses. I did you all a favor by posting the early shot. :)

Bill said...

Looks like Harry Potter's hole if he were to play EVE.

Carole Pivarnik said...

I like that "cozy" space and your idea to make it more like a pod! The wall finish is really cool looking.