Real Lives

I am proud of being the initial spark which caught the imagination of so many of my friends where I reside here in the UK, to become hooked into EvE Online. I remember reading with great interest, the development of our beloved galaxy in Edge magazine way back in January 2002. It wasn’t until the Yule tide celebrations of 2005 that I finally purchased a hard copy of EvE Online (the booklet of which details the Jovians as playable characters) as a gift for myself and began playing.

One year later and many of my good friends became hopelessly addicted to EvE Online, some displaying unswerving dedication by having several accounts on the go simultaneously. EiD, B13, Ntz, LPsyon and Xa are all regular players in all aspects of EvE Online.

EiD recently relocated his pad to that of an attic conversion. The rather large room is currently undergoing designs as an interpretation of a spacecraft. We’re arranging wardrobes, book-shelves and other furniture to form different zones and corridors through the room with the flight deck housing the PC’s and the bed suitably within the living quarters. The noisy engineering zone is to appropriately house his drum kit. It should look ace when we’ve finished.

I suppose all that’s left to do is to dress like our characters and hit the local pub. Should be fun, or perhaps foolish – I can’t decide which.