Your Large Tachyon Beam Laser II Narrowly Misses Lordy23 Causing For 0.0 Damage
Really? As far as I can see the entire battery of laser fire burnt directly onto his fragile hull!

The fact that we are given a number to represent the impacts our weapons have on our targets highlights the imaging capabilities of our respective PODs are so out dated that computer readouts are necessary to indicate the percentage of the charge that completes its journey. New Eden is rife with this problem, some areas are so far ahead of the curve that issues such as this are becoming so lagged that they are completely undesirable.

I like to turn off the readouts at times because their presence detracts from the suspended disbelief of space combat which reminds me that there are some glaring oversights within our beloved realm. Given the impressive amounts of information running between our respective vessels, a correct representation is vastly overdue and should really be forthcoming.

So it continues to annoy, not just myself but many of you currently out there practising the art of combat. If New Eden possessed any kind of integrity, this issue would be dealt with so that we may not rely entirely upon our on-board computers to confirm a full collision, a glancing blow or indeed a miss.

Priorities need to be addressed correctly, but as this issue relates all the way back to the invention of space flight, I for one would’ve assumed it would’ve been addressed and resolved.

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phantam said...

Dear god bring this up in the assembly hall i honestly dont get why the fuck they havent fixed this, why is it our lasers, and rails and everything can f*cking miss, and our client knows it missed but the fucking render is completely wrong in the client engine WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phantam said...

i got impatient :) http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1272054