My Turn

When a ship explodes, the dust has settled, the POD popped and the wreck looted we are left with a feeling of gratification, either because we have successfully beaten a capable pilot to death or because we have stolen millions by obtaining expensive items through aggressive negotiation.

It was not always like this for me. Like many, I began the other side of death as the victim of a scoundrel.

My first loss was met with horror and disgust. I was attacked by an Arbitrator in Ravarin. L33t Sphere destroyed my vessel literally within seconds. I felt an enormous sense of waste through the loss; my ship had been built over time with great love and contained the latest and best equipment for my skills at the time. I was convinced she was invincible and it took the destruction of this ship for me to realise the fact that there is plenty to learn and a long way to go.

Initially I was very angry. A small posse of my corporation kindly banded together to hunt for the pirate. After my retribution failed I was left with a hard choice; learn from the loss or not. I chose the former and decided that the judgement laid down on me was a message. I ultimately envied the pirates position and, despite the pain I’d felt losing my ship and clone, I contacted him to discuss his career.

After a few pointers from the mother pirate, I resigned form the corporation without notice and headed toward the core systems to train, develop and gather wealth to arm myself for a life on the edge.

Nearly four years later I’m at the top of my game and have never looked back. I revel in my chosen profession and believe that my current role in this life and the next is my destiny; it’s what I was born to do.

Happy hunting...


Rixx Javix said...

My first death had much the same effect on me. I remember being so angry, I podded back to the station a couple jumps away, refitting another ship and flying back for revenge... only to be easily killed once more. It was a hard lesson, but a welcomed one that taught me much about Eve.