Post-Cards from the Edge

Pause for a moment from the death and salvage, and witness the (old) beauty of the infinite void.

The music is from Ridley Scott's marvelous Tech-Noir; Bladerunner, which to this day remains as one of my all time greatest films. The soundtrack by Vangelis suits the movie perfectly, haunting the moods throughout the film to create something which stays with you permanently.

Truly a perfect example of great minds coming together to create something astoundingly original, despite Hollywoods expected inept medling of the final cut.

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jtyler said...

If you dig the Blade Runner sound... one I have quite a fondness for myself... I think you'll enjoy the mix I put on my blog. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I like the vid and the sound track. I remember Vangelis from the Chariots of Fire days. He's done some fine music. The Blade Runner sound track is one I'd forgotten about. Thanks for the reminder.

Unknown said...

Damn you, now I had to buy it. Found a 4 disc special edition including the "Final Cut" version, the original, and one or two others, plus many other extras.