Maximum Potential

Skills make a pilot deadly. This isn’t exclusively the skills that one can train for boosting damage or power-grid, but those skills that are linked to experience too. Knowing when and how to attack a target can be vastly important, more so than the amount of pain one can deliver.

I’m at the current level where all my combat trainable skills are maxed and, through the use of boosters and implants, my combat effectiveness has peaked. It’s an interesting situation to be in as I can’t decide what I should be training next. Save for a couple of shield skills that could be maximised, there isn’t much more I can do to improve my skill-set for combat. I will continue to learn through experience, but aquiring points is becoming a problem.

Perhaps it’s time to broaden my horizons a little. Bounty hunting is something which has my current attention but again there isn’t much in the way of skills that I can train to improve what I already know. I don’t yet have sufficient standing with an intelligence agent so perhaps I should begin running missions.

I’ve also considered running for an NPC pirate corporation. I’m not yet sure whether one can join such an outfit, but it is a desire of mine to run with the Angel Cartel. My reasons for this I will keep private for now, but I’m beginning to feel restless with my current position in New Eden.

I don’t care much for vessels beyond sub-capital class so furthering my expertise to these behemoths would be a waste. Perhaps I should embark on a journey toward surviving exclusively within w-space. This realm is my current favourite domain and grants me with almost unlimited freedom to do as I choose and there are yet a few skills to improve upon.

I’m not a born leader so corporation creation is not something I want to pursue. I like being behold to no-one except my conscience which just happens to be as twisted as I.

So with the road ahead of me forking again in several directions it’s time for me to reflect on my experiences and decide where I should be heading next.

Happy hunting…


wakalaka said...

Could you explain a bit more how do you quantify skills on the graph (the part offered by boosts and implants)? Thanks!

Redundant blogger said...

The graph is a simple graphic just to highlight the peak I've met.

However it would be nice to have a working graphical representation. That's something that EiD would build as I have little expertise in this area.

EiD said...

I will look into this, I have info on effect of Gunnery skills and supplemental skills such as capacitor skills, engineering shield skills, and mechanics armor skills on combat - but I have not looked into factoring chemical boosters into the equation.