Once Bitten, Twice Shy

It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown. If one ventures into low sec without the correct mentality then you shouldn’t be surprised by the loss of your life. Loss is something that is a fact of this life and the next, and should be embraced to help limit the damage caused by defeat. If you can gain something positive in the face of losing, you would be performing the only logical duty to ones self.

Revenge is something that many consider. Many times I’ve been part of a posse of pilots roaming the void, seeking a perpetrator on behalf of a fellow pirate, or as part of my own vindication. This role is the responsibility of any professional pirate to maintain the assumptions surrounding our profession; that we all live to plunder and murder. This is true, but it doesn’t define a pirate.

Fear is my greatest ally, that and a warp scrambler. For my own personal gratification, I maintain an appropriate styling by selecting vessels which are renowned for their fearsome appearance. This may not be the best way to conduct my duties, but it’s an interpretation of my role within New Eden. The use of recon ships is preferable as they embody the fear all pilots share; that we are being watched by unseen predators, waiting for the right moment to smash and steal our lives.

Evolutionary speaking, fear assists decision making concerning perceivable danger according to observations, experience and history. It would be wise to harness fear and employ it to increase survivability through its nature to prevent harm, and the instigation of fear on your prey to render them defenceless.

Happy hunting…