"Can you hear me?"

The live voice is the most efficient medium by which we pass on vital information in New Eden. Although communications must be fundamental to any universe it is odd that only in the last few years have we seen an integrated voice system.

Because of this delay, other systems grew into place to enable voice. Teamspeak and Ventrillo have both been widely used to bridge the gap left by the lack of voice communications. Although these systems are accepted and work with varying degrees of success, EvE Voice is the medium by which I prefer to use.

All three systems have their flaws but none, save for EvE Voice can claim to be integrated into our HUD. This makes identifying and managing voice communications much more efficient and requires virtually no administration when compared to Teamspeak or Ventrillo. Voice and identity management can be achieved with Teamspeak and Ventrillo through the use of sophisticated upgrades to ones neural interface, but not every pilot has the resources or inclination to access such systems.

Agreeably our corporation has embraced EvE Voice, eliminating the need for constant updates and amendments to our server accesses. It also reduces fraud and espionage as the only pilots able to connect are already within the corporation, ie: not using an exterior server which can be open to manipulation.

The decision to use of any live voice communications system, whether within the cluster or not, is subject to the individuals and/or collective preferences and that this is subject to change on a regular basis, but for my own and my corporations use; EvE Voice is our best solution.

Happy chatting…

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Sorin Markov said...

You make a good point about setup, however...

The serious flaw with Eve Voice is that fact that when the client crashes (and it WILL crash) you lose all voice comms. This can be critical during fleet ops.

It's my opinion that the time and effort needed to setup and admin a vent or ts server is paid back in spades when you can still communicate with a lost member...

Redundant blogger said...

Thanks for your comment and it's worth considering your point. I have on occasion been in a fleet - when I was green I hurled my body into the unknown as part of an alliance of pirate corporations to cut my teeth. Back then Ts & Vent were the only options available.

Since then I have kept a low profile, I do not relish large scale engagements anyway. As I said, for my own use it suits me perfectly - and my client has remained very stable throughout.

But I can understand why an exterior server would be preferable, especially if involved in such monumental and critical operations.

Eelis Kiy said...

I used to use Eve Voice all the time in Faction War fleets and it was really awful. The lag, occasional "im just not going to work for you today" and various other random hiccups just made it totally unreliable. People would forum up and then folks would have to drop out as EV was having a bad day for them or as per Sorin's comment it would crash just as the FC was calling targets.

Quite a shame really as, from a militia perspective, it was a very useful tool and still relied on today by those people in the militias who don't have the luxury of paid for coms server.

That said, voice fonts are hillarious!